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Our company specializes in graphic design, branding, motion graphics & web development.

We are a group of highly skilled individuals with a passion for making things look good. We believe that our clients deserve the best, and we want to give them exactly that. We believe that great design should be accessible to everyone, and with us you can be sure that your message will reach the right audience at the right time.

We take pride in our work because it's not just about creating something pretty or cool—it's about delivering an experience that makes people want to engage with you online or off.

What Our Clients Say

"ITMonsters provided a superb branding solution for our business. They listen to your needs and vision and are very easy to collaborate with. They work at a pleasing pace too while still providing quality designs, so you don't need to worry about being pressed for time too much. Highly recommend if you want to amp up your brand the right way! Will definitely commission them again for future projects."

Danna Joyce BuganteDanna Joyce Bugante
10:33 16 Jun 22
Great and talented artists!
Ana ZamoraAna Zamora
10:21 09 Jun 22
We have worked twice with the ITMonsters team(motion graphics project) and both times they have exceeded our expectations. Aside from the fast turnaround, we are most impressed with the quality of their work. It's also easy to communicate with the team, especially with the feedback and required changes.
January CutinJanuary Cutin
10:10 09 Jun 22
ITMonsters, by far, is the most reliable graphic design and branding outfit I have worked with in Zamboanga City. They are professional, collaborative, and experts in this field.ITMonsters is very easy to work.

Our Graphic Design & Branding Experts



Rai is our brain. He leads us with creative vision like no one else. From the great perspective and down to that 1x1 pixel, he excels. In his spare time, he loves to play video games & watch movies.



Greg is our branding arsenal. He has studied design for a decade and always knows how to tackle any given design challenge. When not working with brand design, he switches on his Nintendo Switch.



If you have any question that's graphic design-related, you can always rely on Mark. He has the tendency to put the complexities of his mind into his project files, but he will get the work done. He loves the outdoors and on his spare time he never misses a chance to trek the mountains

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We have worked with China's biggest tech company, Baidu and notable companies in the Philippines and local institutions

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